MEMPHIS, TENN. — Wesson, a Richardson International Ltd. brand of plant-based cooking oil, is making its first foray into the refrigerated aisle with Wesson Plant Butter.

Available in two varieties, Plant Butter (Original) and Plant Butter (With Olive Oil), the dairy alternative is formulated primarily from canola oil and is free from both cholesterol and preservatives. The product is aimed at the two-thirds of American consumers that say they would consider buying plant-based butter, according to the company.

“Our vision is to give consumers more of what they love, through product innovation,” said Brian Olson, vice president of food and ingredients at Richardson International. “This diversification in our business, allows us to tap into a category that's growing 26% per year, while addressing consumers' shift toward healthier lifestyles with a high-quality plant butter that's unique in the marketplace.”

Wesson’s butter is set to roll out initially into select retailers in the Northeast, including Hannaford and Stop & Shop locations.