LONDON — Doughlicious, a London Dough Co. snack brand, is bringing its frozen snack lineup to the US market.

The company’s Frozen Cookie Dough & Gelato Bites are formulated from non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients and contain zero added sugars or artificial preservatives. Varieties available at launch include chocolate chip, chocolate truffle, mint chocolate chip, cinnamon churro, blueberry frozen yogurt and strawberry.

“The success of Doughlicious in both the UK and Australia propelled our entry into the US market, aiming to be as ubiquitous as leading frozen snack novelties,” said Russell Barnett, managing director at Doughlicious. “We're redefining snacking expectations while bringing cookie dough to the forefront in the dynamic frozen snacking landscape while setting new standards for accessibility and excellence.”

The company’s sustainably produced offerings are rolling out in Whole Foods Market stores in the Northeast, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic and Rocky Mountain regions, with a suggested retail price of $6.99 per 6-count box.

“Doughlicious recognizes the bond people share with cookie dough — a snack that sparks nostalgia and fond memories,” said Kathryn Bricken, founder of Doughlicious. “We've elevated this classic by infusing it with the best ingredients, gluten-free, and all made in our facility in London powered by renewable energy.”