AKRON, NY – Ahead of summer 2024, Perry’s Ice Cream Company, Inc. revealed five new flavors, drawing inspiration for its newest batches from nostalgic tastes and desserts.

The company developed three flavors for retail – Caramel Panda Paws, Cookie Jar and Over the Moon – and two others exclusively for its scoop shop and restaurant customers – Bee Sting and Fruit Scoops. Cookie Jar also will be available at scoop shops and restaurants.

Perry’s shared that its Caramel Panda Paws flavor features sea salt caramel ice cream, fudge swirls and caramel panda paw cups. Cookie Jar includes a sea salt caramel ice cream base and chunks of chocolate chip cookies. Over the Moon, meanwhile, comes with a toffee ice cream base, swirls of crushed cookies and sponge candy pieces.

Bee Sting, Perry’s said, is made with vanilla pudding ice cream, graham cracker and swirls of hot honey. Fruit Scoops features fruity cereal ice cream with swirls of fruity cereal.

“With consumers feeling nostalgic and reminiscent, we focused our flavor development on classic flavors that offer a twist of something new while invoking joyful memories,” said Megan Mergler, associate product manager for Perry’s.

The ice cream maker said its new varieties will debut in March and noted its slow-cooked, one-batch ice cream products are rBST free.