AUSTIN, TEXAS — Coconut Bliss frozen dessert was started in 2005 in Eugene, Ore., by Luna Marcus and Larry Kaplowitz, friends of nearby Lochmead Dairy, a multi-generation family business that includes a vertically integrated crop farm, dairy farm, manufacturing facility and retail stores.

About two years later, Lochmead bought Coconut Bliss in order to diversify its manufacturing portfolio with plant-based options. One might say Lochmead was ahead of its time with recognizing the power of offering plant-based options.

And now, that plant-based brand, Coconut Bliss, recognizes the power of sustainable dairy. The company changed its name to Cosmic Bliss and added organic dairy ice cream to its frozen dessert lineup.

“At our core, Coconut Bliss, now Cosmic Bliss, has always been about sustainability and supporting regenerative practices in our agricultural system,” said Kim Gibson Clark, former chief executive officer of Coconut Bliss and now chief growth officer at Cosmic Bliss. “In the past we had done this with coconut milk-based offerings; however, we did not feel this went far enough to balance the negative carbon impacts of the majority of ice cream that is consumed as conventional dairy. We became inspired by the work of grass-fed dairy farmers to draw down carbon from the atmosphere, back to where it belongs, in the soil, all the while giving cows the satisfaction of a pasture-grazed life. Changing our brand to Cosmic Bliss allows us to broaden our scope beyond coconuts and have more of an impact as the most sustainable ice cream company on the market.”

Much of this was made possible by Cosmic Bliss’ majority stakeholder, HumanCo., a holding company in Austin, Texas, focused on healthier living and sustainability. Coconut Bliss became part of HumanCo’s portfolio in July 2020, with the goal of working together to grow the Oregon-based frozen dessert producer into a globally recognized brand.

“We were thrilled to join forces with HumanCo and amplify the importance of organic and intentionally sourced foods,” Gibson Clark said. “Coconut Bliss has always been dedicated to real ingredients, minimal processing, organic farming practices, fair trade and socially just labor practices with all of our products and suppliers. HumanCo strengthens these commitments by providing shared resources to help our company operate on a larger scale.”

That “larger scale” led to the name change and the addition of dairy.

“We recognized that 97% of the ice cream sold in the US is dairy,” said Jason Karp, founder and CEO of HumanCo. “We set out to create a delicious, sustainable line of products that credibly addresses those who still eat and want real, responsible dairy. We believe that all conscious consumers, regardless of dietary needs or preferences, should be able to enjoy indulgent, sustainable frozen desserts.”

The new dairy ice cream line comes in seven flavors: banana caramel flambé, chocolate, hazelnut fudge crunch, peanut butter, strawberry lemon shortbread, cookie dough and vanilla bean. The products are packaged in 14-oz pints and have a suggested retail price of $8.99.  

“It was important to us to stay true to our core values of sustainability as we embarked on this evolution together,” said Shilpa Gadhok, vice president of brand marketing at Cosmic Bliss. “Creating a more deliciously sustainable world for all has always been the heart of Bliss and will continue to be. The brand has also launched a partnership with 1% for the Planet and will be directly supporting organizations focused on furthering research and progress in regenerative organic agriculture.”