SECAUCUS, NJ — Nicole Hill, executive director of strategy for MarketPlace, brought up the term functional indulgence in her April 13 presentation at SupplySide East held in the Meadowlands Exhibition Center in Secaucus.

Baked foods and ice cream could play in the category.

“I am just waiting for Halo Top to come out with a functional pint,” Hill said.

St. Louis-based MarketPlace recently conducted an online survey of 766 consumers who take supplements daily, of which 309 took supplements for immunity within the past 12 months.

Among those who took supplements for immunity, indulgent beverages fared well as 39% said ready to drink smoothies appealed to them, followed by ready to drink shakes at 26%, tea drinks at 25%, sports drinks at 22%, coffee drinks at 22% and soft drinks at 19%. Among food items, the percentages were 38% for chocolate, 33% for ice cream, 27% for brownies, 27% for cookies, 19% for peanut butter cups and 17% for candy bars.

When asked what supplements they would take to improve immunity, over 90% said they strongly agreed or somewhat agreed they would seek those containing vitamin C. The percentages were about 85% for vitamin D, over 80% for zinc, over 80% for vitamin B complex and about 80% for probiotics.

When asked what they would prefer to take daily, nearly 30% said bars, which trailed pills at nearly 70%, gummies at over 40% and beverages at over 30%. Brownies and cookies came in at over 20%.

“When it comes to functional benefits, it needs to be something people are consuming on a pretty regular basis,” Hill said.