NEW YORK – Plant-based cheese maker Armored Fresh announced the US launch of its products will begin in New York City.

Three types of the brand’s cubed cheese – cheddar, plain and blueberry – are being distributed to retailers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the products will be made available to consumers throughout the US online via the Armored Fresh website beginning in late November. 

A US-based subsidiary of Seoul-based food manufacturer Yangyoo Co., Ltd., Armored Fresh makes its vegan cheeses through a process that mimics the way dairy cheeses are made, but incorporates almond milk and plant-based lactic acid. The company shared that the US launch comes after it raised $23 million in Series Pre-B funding. 

"It's a great privilege and pleasure of mine to be able to partake in this exciting launch of Armored Fresh Cheese,” said Daniel Yang, sales manager for Armored Fresh USA. “We understand that the US market for cheese is one of the biggest in the world and there is a need for great tasting plant-based cheese. Understanding the demand from consumers for a cheese that tastes great and provides great nutrients is a passion of our company; therefore, to be able to be part of that change is truly exciting for me."

Per Armored Fresh, it plans to expand distribution into New Jersey by the end of 2022, and the company is in discussions focused on making it products available throughout the US at national grocery retailers soon.