CHICAGO – Bel Brands USA revealed it has a new flavor for its line of Babybel dairy alternative cheeses: Babybel Plant-Based White Cheddar Cheese Alternative.

Babybel launched its debut plant-based product in spring of 2022 with a cheese alternative formulated to replicate mozzarella. The company said its traditional dairy Mini Babybel White Cheddar has been one of the brand’s most popular flavors for the past decade, so it developed a plant-based alternative that “offers the signature sharp tanginess of cheddar cheese.”

The snacks are certified dairy-free and vegan, individually wrapped in green wax, and come in a new 100% paper pouch.

"Babybel Plant-Based has seen an overwhelmingly positive response to date among flexitarian and vegan shoppers," said Ridhi Barber, senior brand manager at Babybel. "We wanted to continue this momentum and introduce a second dairy-free Babybel snack option in the fan favorite White Cheddar variety."

Babybel Plant-Based White Cheddar is scheduled to launch in May. It will be sold in six-count pouches at retailers throughout the United States.