AURORA, COLO.  — MycoTechnology introduced a new platform it is calling Fermentation as a Service (FaaS). The food ingredient company shared that its FaaS platform was developed to help startups and enterprises that are struggling to secure fermentation capacity.

The platform enables companies to gain access to tools and expertise, and overcome issues such as quality, yield and cost management, while trying to scale up fermentation operations and/or commercial production.

“Fermentation is a critical process that underpins the production of a wide array of bioproducts,” said Ranjan Patnaik, chief technology officer at MycoTechnology. “However, scaling up can be fraught with difficulties, and fierce competition for fermentation capacity is resulting in bottlenecks, delays and escalating costs. These factors are creating major barriers to entry into the sector. But by opening up our facility to others, we aim to foster breakthroughs and accelerate the pace of innovation.”

MycoTechnology’s platform may accommodate bioproducts such as proteins, enzymes and probiotics.