CRANBURY, NJ — Specialty ingredients manufacturer Innophos shared that it developed a blend of emulsifier salts that provide consistent textural and melt characteristics to mimic traditional processed cheese.

Per Innophos, the blend also helps ensure a moist final product and helps manufacturers improve the texture of cheese that is made with upcycled ingredients.

“With our deep understanding of how to optimize the physical, chemical and sensorial properties of cheese, Innophos is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers develop upcycled cheese that is both delicious and authentic to traditional processed cheese,” said Amr Shaheed, technical service manager, Innophos.

“We have developed a new solution that results in less than a 10% difference in meltability between an upcycled and a traditional processed cheese,” Shaheed said. “Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to creating science-backed solutions that help our customers deliver the highest quality products to their consumers.”