BELLEVUE, WASH. – A new year means a fresh rebrand for GOOD PLANeT Foods, which announced the launch of new packaging for its line of plant-based cheeses.

The new look coincides with the company’s updated formula for creating non-dairy cheeses that replicate the flavor and components – for example, melt-ability – of dairy cheese.

GOOD PLANeT projects to experience growth in 2022, with its retail distribution expanding in chains such as Giant Martin, Giant Eagle and Hy-Vee. Plus, its non-dairy cheeses will see increased national distribution at Sprouts stores.

"We are committed to growing the plant-based cheese segment in 2022, and part of doing this is to continue to raise the bar for what consumers can expect from plant-based shreds and slices," said GOOD PLANeT co-chief executive officer Bart Adlam. "We are bringing this to market just after getting a fantastic response to the recent launch of our Plant-Based Snackable Wedges, and just before we launch even more innovation. So we're excited to take our brand and segment to the next level this year."

U.S. News & World Report predicted that plant-based charcuterie, featuring non-dairy cheese options, will be a top food trend for 2022.

GOOD PLANeT’s plant-based cheeses include ingredients such as coconut oil, plant starches, and proteins, while excluding dairy, nuts, soy, eggs and wheat. The non-dairy cheeses are gluten-free, vegan and kosher, as well as Non-GMO Project verified.

David Israel, Founder and CEO of GOOD PLANeT, said eating plant-based foods contributes to the environment and climate.

“Production of our cheeses require a fraction of the land and water, and produce a fraction of methane, compared to that of dairy cheeses,” Israel said. "All our products have sustainability in mind, and we are pushing to do more toward this goal. For example, our cardboard carton for our new Snackable Cheese Wedges uses 90% post-consumer material and is recyclable, making it a good choice for the environment in various aspects.”