EDISON, NJ. — Naturally sourced from acacia trees, gum acacia from ISC Gums is a vegan, plant-based and non-GMO ingredient with potential in ice creams and frozen desserts.

The natural, tasteless ingredient also may provide a smoother mouthfeel and creamier texture while reducing the formation of ice crystals in plant-based ice cream applications, according to the company.

Per ISC Gums, the gum acacia’s low calorie content makes it a seamless ingredient in sugar-reduced and whipped ice creams.

ISC’s gum acacia is used in food and beverage applications including gum drops, gummy candies, icing, beverages and smoothies.

ISC Gums also offers gum tragacanth, a natural gum produced from the dried sap of legumes that is odorless, tasteless, and water soluble. Applications include food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial uses. Gum tragacanth is less common than other gums but remains useful because there are few alternatives, according to the company.