REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND – New Icelandic snack brand Næra showcased its better-for-you protein products at the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas.

Næra’s line of dairy products includes the company’s Power Protein Crunch, Very Gouda Jalapeno Crunch and Premium Aged Cheese Crunch, as well as a Strawberry Skyr Crunch. It also launched a Fish Jerky Crunch, which comes in multiple flavors, including Cheesy Chili.

"Our snacks are setting the gold standard for dairy and seafood snacks by sustainably introducing Icelandic superfoods to the world in an indulgent, better-for-you, fun form with innovative textures and flavors," said chief executive officer and co-founder Dr. Holly Kristinsson. "Icelandic food changed my life and we aim to share our amazing snacks with the world."

The dairy ingredients used by the brand come from Icelandic grass-fed Viking cows, and Næra noted the milk is “very rich in A2 proteins,” which have been known to be easier for some people to digest.

Its skyr snacks contain 4 grams of protein per serving and are shelf stable. The company’s fish snacks use premium cheese and butter from Iceland.

Per Næra, all of its snacks are sustainably produced with 100% green energy without baking or frying, and the products are free of GMOs, wheat, gluten, nuts, soy and preservatives.