SÃO PAULO – Dietary supplement brand Black Skull USA spotlighted its newest product, Whey Grass Fed, at Natural Products Expo West 2024, in Anaheim, Calif.

The brand shared that its latest post-workout supplement contains 19 grams of high biological value protein and 1 gram of bovine colostrum.

Black Skull, which originated in Brazil and is a brand of Dietary Supplements Labs USA, said scientific and technological development of its Whey Grass Fed benefited from approximately $1 million in investments.

The brand said the product will debut in the North American market exclusively via the Amazon platform.

"In addition to contributing to the health of consumers, Whey Grass Fed will help fruit producer cooperatives in the Amazon and riverside families,” said Marcelo Bella, chief executive officer of GDS - Grow Dietary Supplements do Brasil. “We want to help preserve the Amazon and improve the quality of life of the region's inhabitants.”

Per Black Skull, it sweetens Whey Grass Fed with stevia, and the product contains no gluten, lactose, hormones, allergens or GMOs, while also receiving Halal and Kosher certifications.

The raw material colostrum used in production, the brand added, comes from dairy cows raised on organic pastures, with neither synthetic feed nor industrialized medicines uses.