BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Van Leeuwen Ice Cream’s vegan flavors should be easier to spot in freezer aisles.

The company announced it revamped the design on its vegan pints, reimagining the packaging with a full color treatment.

"Van Leeuwen's branding is one of a kind and our customers love the minimalist design and colors of the pints – especially when it comes to our classic dairy line,” said Ben Van Leeuwen, Co-Founder and CEO of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. “After taking a step back, we realized there was an opportunity to more closely align our vegan pint branding with the iconic dairy line. We have no doubt that the changes that we've made to our vegan line will increase brand recognition and resonate well with our customers and retail partners."

The company, which started in 2008 by working out of a yellow scoop truck in New York, now has 19 permanent vegan pint flavors that are made with oats and cashews, as well as specialty flavors that join the rotation during the year. Each flavor gets its own distinct splash of color, an idea the company hopes makes it even easier for consumers to readily identify their favorite flavors. The lids also feature a repeating pattern of the word vegan to set the frozen desserts apart from the company’s dairy flavors.

The new packaging for the vegan pints will begin popping up in Van Leeuwen’s 27 scoop shops, as well as in freezer aisles at grocery stores throughout the United States this spring.

The Brooklyn-based company began in 2008 with an original dairy recipe focused on simple, high-quality ingredients, and it has since expanded with vegan ice creams. In 2021, it launched dairy and vegan ice cream bars, as well.

Van Leeuwen operates ice cream scoop shops in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Texas. It will soon open shops in Colorado and Connecticut, too.