PITTSBURGH – Bruster's Real Ice Cream announced it reworked the recipe for its dairy alternative vegan frozen desserts, which now are made with oat milk instead of coconut milk.

Flavors in the updated line include coffee chocolate chip, chocolate raspberry truffle and mint chocolate chip, as well as others that will rotate in and out of the lineup.

The oat milk options are offered in addition to Bruster’s traditional ice cream flavors, which are made from a proprietary homestyle mix delivered fresh from the company’s dairy.

The Pennsylvania-based ice cream maker expanded its dessert choices to include oat milk flavors for customers who want vegan options or have dietary preferences.

"Our customers' loyalty and experience are what drives us," said Bruster's chief executive officer Jim Sahene. "We were excited to initially launch our fist non-dairy dessert with coconut milk; but today, our new oat milk option offers a superior taste and recipe. We know that many of our customers either follow a strict vegan lifestyle or deal with different dietary restrictions, and it is important for us to be able to offer them something wonderful with the variety of flavors and premium ingredients in which Bruster's is known."

Also new to Bruster’s menus this spring is an upcoming ice cream flavor, Dark Chocolate Graham Crunch, which will become available during May.

Bruster’s sells handcrafted ice cream, yogurt, Italian ice, sorbet and frozen desserts at its close to 200 locations in 22 states, as well as Guyana and South Korea.